Our highest priority is serving you

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We might use words such as independent, transparent and client-focused to describe our firm, but it’s really not about us – it’s about you. See, independence is vitally important because of what it means for you. Since we accept no commissions for investment product transactions, our objective is simply to make the best possible financial decisions in your best interest.

It allows you to have a relationship with financial professionals who sit on the same side of the table as you do. Plus, with our boutique-style firm, it allows you to receive a concierge level of personal service for all generations of your family.

We deliberately selected to work with Raymond James as our custodian when we became an Independent Registered Advisor firm. As one of America’s largest independent financial firms, Raymond James not only provides the financial resources and investment research to help us serve you, but its unique culture gives us complete freedom to offer our objective advice without any pressure to push proprietary investment products.

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