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Colleen Lawson
Colleen Lawson
Case Manager

Colleen’s role at NewDay Solutions is to provide valuable support for our financial advisors. She manages a wide range of operational duties, including handling client service requests and maintaining clients’ profiles and account documentation. She strives to consistently provide timely and accurate information to support clients as they pursue their financial goals.

Colleen has a background in administration and sales with a commitment to thoroughness, accuracy and client services.

Colleen attended Atlantic Business College, Fredericton, NB Canada.

Born and raised on a farm in New Brunswick, Canada, Colleen moved to New Hampshire in 1987 where she raised three children; Monique, Dylan and James. She lives on the Seacoast with her partner John, two sons, Bob a Manx cat and two Toy Fox Terriers, Cricket and Bean.

Colleen finds her Zen time working in her gardens and loves to cook.

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