Getting To Know The NewDay Team!

Stephen A. Coopersmith

Portfolio Analyst

From a small town in South Bristol, Maine, Stephen A. Coopersmith attended Saint Joseph’s college and graduated cum laude with a double major in finance and accounting. Pursuing a career in finance, Stephen joined NewDay Solutions in 2013. Since joining the team, Stephen has received his Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Investment Management Analyst® certification. Stephen is motivated and very goal oriented which makes him a perfect fit for NewDay Solutions.

Today Stephen is a portfolio analyst for NewDay Solutions. Stephen’s main focus is on portfolio construction and analysis, and overlooks client assets. In addition, Stephen works with clients on money movement transactions, one off requests and assists in the internal operations. He enjoys providing a positive experience and implementing investment strategies designed to help clients achieve their financial goals. As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, Stephen customizes comprehensive financial plans for client life events. In addition to analyzing markets and portfolios, his areas of expertise include investment planning, tax strategies and estate planning.

Despite Stephen’s reserved persona, he proclaims that life is too short and to focus on what you love to do. Each year he writes down goals in areas of his life that are important to him and makes each year count. He believes in accuracy, attention to detail, being receptive to change, being a lifelong learner, and loving what you do.

Stephen is currently living in Lee, New Hampshire, with his wife, Ashley and newborn daughter, Natalie. Together they enjoy visiting National Parks and plan to travel too all 50 states. In his free time he enjoys being with his family, hiking NH Mountains, running marathons and spending time on the lake to fish and kayak. “I love being a father. There’s no better feeling in the world then having your child smile back at you. I’m a lucky man.”

Tammy L. Symons

Wealth Advisor

Director of Advice Services, Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Advisor: Tammy Symons knows this is the field she belongs in. “I believe everybody deserves the opportunity of wealth, and I enjoy helping them plan for it.”

Tammy Symons takes a personal approach with all of her clients as a CFP®. Tammy wants each client to know that there is a solid financial plan in place to allow them to live their lives with confidence. Tammy meets with clients regularly and reviews where they are, where they wish themselves to be and helps them achieve their goals with an in depth financial plan. She has the ability to explain even the most complex financial matters in a simple, straightforward manner, so clients always have a clear understanding going forward.

Tammy has been with NewDay Solutions since 2011. She helps achieve their goals through wealth management, tax advice and risk management, but also helps clients during significant milestones in their life (such as marriage, children, home buying, changing jobs, and death in the family, etcetera). The job is much more than just numbers, it’s an art. Finding balance between numerically what makes sense and what helps you sleep at night is the key to any financial choice you make, and is what Tammy does best.

 Tammy’s goals are to live a comfortable, healthy life with her family and to continue growing Newday Solutions. In addition, Tammy is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University for her MBA.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Tammy lives in Derry with her husband, Ian, son, Douglas and dog, Lexi. As a family they enjoy living a simple life, spending their free time outside as much as possible to soak up all the seasons of New England. Together they spend many days skiing and enjoying Big Island Pond with their friends, family and community.

Joseph T. Neff

Case Manager

NewDay Solutions is a growing, thriving firm, and as a result it’s important for us to grow our advisory group to meet the increasing needs of our clients.

Joseph Neff came to NewDay Solutions with a strong educational background in economics, and the desire to figure things out financially. Joe has a passion for problem solving, which lends itself to help clients solve their financial challenges. One of Joe’s core disciplines is that when he commits to a project he likes to see it through to the finish. Needless to say, in our business, it’s really important.

Joe completes the majority of financial plans for our firm, as well as research on various financial topics. Joe is currently working for his CFP® certification with the goal of being a full service financial advisor at NewDay Solutions. Joe lives with his wife, Erin and their dog, Sam, in Newmarket, NH. In his spare time, Joe thrives on the challenge of the martial arts. He has achieved a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo and has also climbed to a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; all while training other enthusiasts along the way.

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