A detailed approach to building your financial plan

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We have a comprehensive onboarding process involving as many initial meetings as we need to bring you the result of having confidence in your overall financial well-being. Financial planning may encompass the analysis of investments, taxes, insurance, employee benefits, retirement planning, and estate planning.

We begin by establishing and defining the scope of the engagement. We will learn about you and your goals, values, interests, relationships, and any specific challenges or risks you may have. As a response to your goals, we will explore our services and together we will determine if we are able to meet your needs.

After we have established a financial planning relationship, we will gather information from you, including both quantitative and qualitative data. We want to know the facts and the figures of your family and financial profile as well as your dreams, desires, health status, interests, hobbies, employment expectations, risk tolerance level, and your lifestyle.

With this data that we’ve collected, we will be able to analyze and evaluate your current situation and we will work together in developing a financial plan with specific recommendations. In this process, you have complete control, and we will work collaboratively with you to create your own perfect scenario.

If you are confident with the plan and the recommendations to move forward, we will do most of the legwork for you to implement the plan that we have created. We strive to create simplicity in both our operations as well as for you, our valued client.

As we move forward, we will want to meet via phone calls, web-based meetings, or in person to monitor our progression. The number of meetings can be directed by you, but we recommend having a scheduled conversation every six months after our initial financial plan is implemented.

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